The currents most dangerous highway maneuvers for motorists

Published: 04th June 2010
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Statistics do not lie: motorists are very similar in their behavior. Among those behaviors here are the most risky and the more frequent among those behaviors.

Stupidity No. 1

Taking your eyes away from the road ahead.

Drivers need to concentrate on driving and not on making phone calls, sending text messages, drinking, grooming themselves, fighting, or reading while driving. Too many people try to do several things at once instead of concentrating on the task at hand: which is driving with care to reach its destination safely. Is your phone call important enough to risk your life or that of someone else?

Stupidity no. 2

Cutting in front of large trucks.

Your car weighs about 3,000 pounds and a semi-trailer truck can weigh 20,000 lbs. or more. Do the math and estimate the chances that this truck can stop before he hits you. Always leave plenty of space for large trucks and assume that their drivers are on the road for many hours and may not be as fresh and cool as their merchandises.

Stupidity no. 3

Make a U-turn on the highway.

A boy of 11 years was killed during last summer. in the state of New York, when the vehicle of his father, stopped in the left lane of a busy highway, has been hit from behind. If you want to go in the opposite direction from which you are driving, take the next highway exit go back and return to the highway by the next entry. Do not risk your life because you realize you were going in the wrong direction on the highway just for a few minutes of lost time. Its not worth ed.

Stupidity no. 4

Driving at a speed above 110 miles per hour

Driving at an excessive speeds, will lead you right to disaster,or even straight into the arms of death. At such speed, seat belts are not really safe, you have little chance to survive the impact of any accident at such a speed because the structure resistance to impact of your vehicle is is not unlimited. Also you increase your fuel consumption and the risk of getting caught by a police radar. If you do not want to slow down to save a life, at least slow down to make economies.

Stupidity no. 5

Backing up on the highway because you missed your exit.

Even if you are an expert driver, you must assume that motorists are traveling at least 40 miles per hour or more on that highway and may not well be as qualified as you are. Some may panic and turn into the paths of other vehicles if they realize that you are backing up. You also prevents other vehicles from leaving the highway. If you miss your exit, take the next exit and go back on the highway to the first exit prior to the exit you really want to turn on. Again do not risk your life or the life of others just to save a few minutes of your precious time

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